Sunday, October 7, 2012

This week's recap and a quick beach trip! 

This week was a light school week. Hudson was not feeling that great and so we just took it easy and got ready for our beach "trip"! My plan with the school year was four weeks on and a week off year round. My other "plan" was to row a book two weeks, each week doing 2-3 days of school. Well you know how "plans " go. The kids want to do school pretty much everyday so we are only doing a book for one week. This week I let them finish up Caps For Sale knowing we were leaving Friday for the beach and I didn't want to start a new book before we left. 

Hudson sorted his bears. I don't know why I have never gave him tongs before, he loved it!

Cohlie counted.

We are really working on phonics.

Hudson still loves magnets/

At one point Hudson wondered off from the table and I found him "reading" all alone. I just let him read I knew he didn't feel well.

We painted tree's and then tried to do thumb print monkeys like the book!

Mathis got into stuff.

Cohlie went to dance.

 THen there was the beach "trip"!

We were super excited to sneak in another quick beach trip this fall. We have been lucky and been down to the beach four times this summer. This time we were staying in a hotel that had two really fun water parks. We stayed there last fall and the kids loved it. I was beyond thrilled to see the forecast said 82 in OCTOBER! We left early Friday and headed down. We had a great trip down we didn't have to stop a single time and the kids were pretty enjoyable. Our kids generally do not travel well. We got to the hotel and Matt went in to check in. I decided to unload the car and all the kids by myself. I met Matt at the door of the hotel and things QUICKLY went downhill. Somehow when making our reservation he had only made it for ONE night. When he told me I thought oh well no big deal I am  sure they are not sold out. Well..... they found us a room for the second night and cut us a "deal" and only charged us 170 dollars a night versus the 270 it should be. My, how generous. So Matt paid it what else would we do? Here was the issue. They wanted us to stay in our room Friday night check out by 11 am and not check into the OTHER room until 4. Really people with three kids three and under. I think not. So we went up to our room changed into our swim suits and headed to the beach. I thought to myself after the crazy check in time is over I will go back down and explain that is not an option. We went down on the beach had a great time and then grabbed some dinner. As we were coming in from dinner we stopped by the desk to see if we could work on the situation. I had decided if we had to move rooms we would just come home. I couldn't stand the thought of all the packing up and moving. The hotel was very busy and they couldn't really help is out, all the rooms we pretty full and we needed a larger room so we all could actually sleep in a bed. After some discussion we decided to forgo Saturday night. The only problem was to get a refund you need to give them a two week cancelation notice. REALLY?  We made the reservation like 3 hours ago! Finally the nice lady at the desk got a manager and they agreed to refund the night. It may have been that she saw our three kids acting crazy and realized we couldn't be "homeless" from 11-4! Normally I would have let this make me crazy but for some reason I was cool, calm and collected. Saturday we had a great day.  Matt dealt with checking us out on the ninth floor with a broken elevator while I took three kids to the beach by myself ( note to self not a great idea). We had fun on the beach and then went to ride water slides until the kids were pooped. Speaking of poop.... Hudson pooped in the splash pad and they had to call a "code 91" and evacuate the area! I wanted to die. That was our cue to pack it up and head back home. Over all short of the initially frustration we had a great trip. Our kids were great and made it a enjoyable trip. We are now looking forward to our trip to the mountains in a few weeks.
Hudson would not take off his polo shirt, I have no idea why!

The hotel had a really fun play area.

Cohlie jumping waves. She loves it and does it until she can't breath.

Mathis was NON stop. He loves the sand and water.

Cohlie loved the water slides.

Hudson needed mommy or daddy.

Daddy took Cohlie up on the big three story slide the first time and then she was non stop on her own.

Seeing Cohlie up there all by herself made me realize how big she is getting.

Mathis under the big water dump.

He LOVED it!