Saturday, August 3, 2013


Just like that....

    It seems like yesterday I felt God stirring my heart to Homeschool. Cohlie was just a baby. Here we are starting Kindergarten. Cohlie technically would not start for another year in public school. That is just another advantage of homeschool. If I were to wait she would be board to death. She already knows all her letter, sounds, shapes, colors and is reading some early reader books. We are using Abeka's K5 curriculum. One of our friends used it last year and so generously let me borrow it. All I had to do was buy the consumable stuff so it saved a ton of money. My friends daughter was in the children's class I teach at BSF. I was amazed last year with how well she read. I am not sure we will continue with Abeka after this year but the phonics program is awesome. This week we have blown through the lesson's. That is another cool thing about homeschool, no need to beat a dead horse if she gets it she gets it move on. We are trying to get to some new material. Most of what was introduced this week was letter's she already knew how to recognize, write and knew the sound it made. It was cool to see her really get blending letters. I think she will be reading really well very soon. She already can read her BOB books and they have given her a ton of confidence. However she was at a point where if I did not begin to teach her "the rules"of reading she couldn't go any further reading. This week we have began to really focus on blending our short vowel sounds with consonants. It's funny what you forget as you get older. I can tell her "sh" say shh all day long but to explain why is a whole other story. We will be doing a K co-op in the fall. She will be going for a few hours on Friday's. I think it will be great for her to have some alone time away from her brothers. It will also give me some time with the boy's to do "boy" stuff. 
This week we officially started Kindergarten.

 We took a quick trip to Costco. I have tried to stop fighting my kids on what they wear. I mean really there are bigger fish to fry. This outfit took it to a whole other level however.

Hudson went to the dentist.

The day finally came that I have DREADED for three and a half years. Hudson is a bit of a wild child. You never know what mood he will be in. I had put off going to the dentist long enough. I took Cohlie last week and we had a Hygienist filling in that normally works with kids. She was great. I decided to bite the bullet and take Hudson. Much to my surprise we were scheduled with another hygienist who actually was better than the first. She worked for a pediatric dentist previously. She was GREAT with Hudson. Hudson was PERFECT. He did so well I could not believe what my eye's were seeing. 

 More random shots of  the week

 Mathis loves to do stickers
She would do a thousand worksheets a day if I would let her
 Cohlie working on her handwriting
 Mathis sitting on my lap "writing"
 We played LOTS of Candyland

 Made letters out of play dough
 These two snuggled

Last but not least we went to see a movie. I recently decided on a Saturday morning while Matt was gone to take Cohlie and Mathis to see a movie. They did GREAT. So since then we have gone to a few of the Summer 1$ movies. This week we saw Rio. I even let them get popcorn, gasp! They were so excited. Hudson has been wearing his PJ's everywhere he goes. Again a battle I am not going to fight and let him have a little control in his life. I mean everyone wears flannel Chuggington Pj's in the middle of the summer. He made himself comfortable with his blanket and "Dragon" and enjoyed the show. All in all the week went by in a blink, but we had a great week. 

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