Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Day to celebrate!

   Today Is one of those days where you realize life is passing by in a blink! As I think back to this day nine years ago it's almost the same weather and temperature. It's a beautiful day just like the day Matt and I got married. The weather may seem the same but SO much has changed. I looked at a wedding picture the other day and wondered who and where those people went. It seems like forever ago and yet yesterday at the same time. The one thing that really sticks out is how thankful I am that we are not the people in the pictures. We were so young and dumb. We had no idea what life was all about and were really chasing "the American dream". We both were so strong willed and hot headed. I can look back and see where God gave us so much grace. It is clearly by his grace that we have a strong and intact marriage today. Today while at my MOMS group that I meet with I was reminded of how God started marriage and how he designed it to be. Grace is the only way that one sinner can live with another sinner ( and three other little sinners) and be happy. I have never known happiness like I know happiness now. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and three great/crazy kids. Matt and I have changed so much in the last few years and it all is from the relationship we both have with Jesus Christ. It doesn't mean that we are perfect because we both are flawed. It doesn't mean it is always a fairytale. I mean did you read my post yesterday? What it does mean is we are nine years into the long haul. It means for better or worse and there has been A LOT of worse. In sickness and health we have stuck together. In a day and age where marriage is not held in high regard I am thankful for mine. I am thankful for the little things. For a husband who woke up at 4:30 this morning to go get me a new staple gun (long story) and jalapenos for a dip that I am making for small group tonight, all before he went to work and the gym. Speaking of 4:30 AM, I am pretty sure nine years ago we would have just been going to bed not waking up! I a thankful for a husband who is leading a small group of families at our church on how to live a "Courageous" and authentic life. So today as well celebrate nine years of marriage I am just thankful! I don't know who those people are in our wedding photos but I really hope they are well. I am enjoying the new people and all God has done for us in the last nine years. It's crazy to think we are approaching a point where we have been together longer in our lives than apart. We will be dating 14 years this fall, may we always date each other!!!! 

On to more celebrating!

Last night Cohlie and I made cupcakes. I told her they were for school stuff but she had no idea why.

Today we finished up Ask Mr Bear with a little party!
In the book Danny is on a hunt for his mother a birthday present.
Since we didn't have a birthday this week we had a party for our bears.
Cohlie dressed in her finest and so did Hudson:) 

We sang Happy Birthday to the bears and had cupcakes. 
We had to pretend with our candles I couldn't find a lighter.

They loved it.
It's funny how really "nothing" is fun to kids. They had a blast. 
We have a super fun day planned tomorrow I can't wait to share!

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