Friday, September 21, 2012

 What a fun day! 

I am usually pretty skeptical of events like "Day out with Thomas"! First of all the price tag usually makes me want to puke. The thought of crowds, little kids and port-a-potties in itself are enough for me to stay home. I will have to admit I was wrong on this. I don't like to admit when I am wrong but I was. We had the best day. Nana so generously offered a few months back to buy us tickets to go. I knew Hudson would love it. He is totally in love with "Tanas"as he calls him. So this morning we loaded up and headed to Spenser. We had a great day. The company who puts on the event did a great job. I didn't know if we would be able to pull Hudson away from all the train tables they had to play with. They had so much fun stuff for the kids to do from craft stations to magic shows. We had such a fun day and I think when the boys are older we will for sure go again. 

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