Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All I can say is I am glad it's over!

    I am referring to last week. We had a REALLY rough week. You know the one that makes you want to send your kids to daycare and wonder what you ever were thinking with the thought of homeschooling. We were all in a funk maybe from a virus. The school week ushered in bad attitudes and grumpy kids. It ended up with me thinking I was having gallbladder issues that my doctor thinks is a ulcer. I haven't decided what I think of the situation yet.

Still "rowing" Ask Mr Bear.
This is one of my favorite things from homeschooling. It's rare but when they do work together it's so sweet.

Our "friends" are still joining us!

Care of Mathis the tornado! I swear this was less than two minutes of work.

Cohlie's first sewing project!

Mr Bear!

Park with friends!

Later in the week when I thought I might die.

They did lots if this!!!

Praise the Lord it was over.

After going to the doctor I got some medication that has seemed to help. We had a low key weekend other than a quick trip to Charlotte to see one of our favorite praise and worship groups Hillsong based out of Australia. We had a great afternoon with friends that included a Ikea trip and dinner before the concert. Monday however is always around the corner!

We added in calendar time this week.

Played with our sorting bears.

Hudson is doing better this week with his "schedule strip" and navigating through it.

He loves "center" time with magnets.

Cohlie is getting the hang of putting stuff away in the "done" basket.

Working on matching at the "poster" center.

Working through her workboxes.

Farm sensory tub time!

Cohlie is really recognizing her lowercase letters. We traced them on our chalkboard door with water.


Hudson worked on a puzzle AND put it away!!! I almost passed out!

  Hopefully we are back on track. This morning we had BSF. I just started last week and already it has been a fun process. We are studying the book of Genesis. My heart for our whole basis of homeschool is to teach our kids to love Jesus and to know about him. It has challenged me to learn all I can and BSF seems to be a great vehicle for that. 


  1. I LOVE all the photos!! It looks like you guys are having a blast together. How was Hillsong?? They are one of my favorites too!!!

  2. BSF totally changed my thought process with learning the Bible and applying the studies to my life. And I bet Susie is your teaching leader, she is absolutely amazing! We served in Haiti together, love her. Enjoying your blog, keep it up!