Friday, September 7, 2012

Good Morning Jesse Bear!

This is our totally lame Jesse Bear pancakes. 

I have tried my very best to make homemade pancakes and for whatever reason I stink. So my kids get frozen ones, some battles I refuse to fight and this is one!

Jesse Bear What will you Wear? 
Day two
We are still "rowing" Jesse Bear.
"H" worked with magnets at his first center. 

"C" colored her letter "B" book and we glued pictures that started with the letter b in it.
We are trying out a style of homeschooling called notebooking.  I took a lapbook apart and we are making a scrapbook of sorts with it. 
More magnet work 

More notebooking 

Color matching 

Beginning sounds 
"M" is loving this activity recently. He has another dirty face!
Adding "What should I wear" in our notebook. 

We had a successful day. I am learning to be flexible with "H" and let him do what he is interested in. He would do puzzles all day if I let him. I am going to try to put more puzzle's in his workbox. I discovered he hated to color so I will be removing those activities. 

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  1. Looks great!!!! Not "lame" at all! Kids are learning and having fun!!! Great job!!!