Thursday, September 6, 2012

 Jumping on the bandwagon.

    I have decided to really give this blogging thing a shot! I am terrible about writing things down but I take a ton of pictures. My family always is asking what the kids are up to so I thought this would be a great way to share all we are up to. THis week we have been up to a lot. For some reason in my mind Labor day signals the beginning of a new season. So Tuesday morning brought about a new season in the Bynum house. 
She wants to be a Ballerina when she grows up.
He wants to be Superman when he grows up.

We have have dabbled in the world of homeschooling for a  couple of years nothing serious. Until now I have always had a new baby and/or a unhappy toddler to deal with. So this year everyone has settled into a routine and seems to need the stimulation. Hudson has never had a bit of interest in "school" stuff until recently.

Last year at this time we had this sweet little baby who was not so sweet! He would have no part of me putting him down to do school with the big kids. 
He has turned into this really is a sweet boy now.
Always happy and smiling. So we decided it was time for school.

A few years ago our children's director at church told me about this amazing homeschool curriculm Before Five in a Row I was hooked right away. The concept is to read a book five days in a row and pull different concepts out each day. In the Five in a row world this is called "rowing" a book.  I never saw myself as a homeschool mom until I had kids. God has really helped me see this as a part of my calling on life and to really see the benefit for my children. I am so excited for this journey. I know it is going to be long and hard but I also know the pay off will be huge. One great aspect is my kids love being together and this allows for that. We do it as a family and make it work for all the kids.

Like I said Tuesday brought change and a new schedule. Here is what our first day looked like.

This is a normal look for the Bynum's! Hudson has a stink face and Mathis has a dirty face!!! One change is that the had clothes on!

Our First Book that we are "rowing" is Jesse Bear What Will You Wear? My Mother in law and Father in Law were so generous last year and bought most of the books for us to do with Before five in a row.
We all piled up on the sofa and read Jesse Bear.

We had Jesse Bear muffins
Lame huh?
 We worked on matching.
We colored Jesse Bear.
Graphed gummy bears

Hudson had his own idea's on graphing.
Mathis sorted shapes. (I still had not wiped his mouth keeping it real!)
Traced words
Dressed Jesse
Pushed strollers
Worked on Do a Dots. Hudson LOVES to do this.
Added stickers.

And then we called it a day. I recently attended a workshop on Workboxes with Sue Patrick. We are using a form of workboxes and the kids seem to love them. On the second day they totally had the hang of it. My goal is 2-3 days a week of school with a really fun art class at our local library on Friday. That was our first day in a nutshell. I will spare you the other 50 pictures. 


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you jumped on the wagon. now I can get fun idea from you too:). See you tomorrow, hopefully!


  2. YAY! It looks like you guys are having SOOO much fun!!! I admire you! I am doing ok with one but I don't know how you do it with three!! Good for you girl!

  3. What a fun looking row! Thanks for sharing!