Sunday, September 9, 2012

IT's Friday!!!

That means art class with friends!
We are going to be going to a art class on Friday's at our library. It is a awesome program called Red, Yellow Blue. The teacher Mrs "V" works for Art Quest and comes to do this class on Fridays. This year should really be fun, we have a few friends who will be going and enjoying all the art with us. 
Hudson and his Buddy.
I am pretty sure if left alone these two would tear the world up together.


Cohlie and Ava getting ready for the music parade.
Story time

Sidewalk art

Hudson thinks the world is a trampoline.

After we got home we fit in a little school.
This is Cohlie and Hudson working on hanging Up "Jesse Bear's " laundry.

A letter "b" maze


Working on cutting

Measuring Jesse Bears food
We recently bought some Discovery Toys. I was not familiar with them but a mom I know was selling some and I bought them. The kids LOVE them and they are so well made. This is the farm set. They come with 35 animals and 15 or so cards with activities on them. The possibilities are endless. They kids have amazed me with what they find to do with them. I am going to try to find the bug set of these on Ebay, 

Cohlie added more to her notebook.

This is what our schedule strip looks like for a day. We start by reading whatever book we are "rowing" for the week and then we head to our workboxes. The blue strip is Hudson's. He starts with the "I am ready to work" box and then moves down the strip. His first activity this day was a "center". His center was the clothesline activity. He then will remove his number one and attach it to the corresponding number on his workbox. They work down the schedule strip until it is empty. Alternating between centers, posters and boxes. 

This is Hudson's workbox. We chose to use this drawer system for now so that it can be put away and so that Mathis will not destroy it. I pack the boxes the day or night before. They have everything they need to do the activity in each box. It really cuts down on looking for stuff and fiddling around. I mentioned before I went to Sue Patrick's workshop on workboxes a few weeks ago. She would actually be against the drawer system ;) but for now it works for us!

Mathis played with another of the Discovery toys we bought

He loved tearing the "laundry" up.

Lot's more painting and half naked kids!

It's the weekend!

This weekend was one of those that we could not fit one more thing in. 
Saturday started with a bunch of my mom friends going to yard sales! It was sooooo much fun we had a blast

Saturday night a dear friend of our got married. It was one of the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. Going to a wedding now after almost nine years of being married makes me so thankful for my sweet husband. It makes me remember all the hard early years and really appreciate how wonderful of a husband I have. He has grown into such an amazing man. 

Some how this is the only picture we took!

Sunday Funday

Sunday is one of my  favorite days of the week. One of the biggest reasons we have a strong marriage now is our church. Daystar is our home church and it has changed our lives in so many ways.  Today was rally day at church it was a LONG day. Matt and I are leading a new small group and today was the day for people to sign up. We had to stay for all three services and that my friends meant from 8am to 1:30. We are going to be doing the Honor Begins at Home study. I am really excited to do it. 

This was our table from Rally day!

We were supposed to go to a friend of ours tea party to celebrate her birthday.

My mom called to say Cohlie was not feeling well and had put herself to bed we had to decline the party. After church we picked up the kids, they had all stayed with my mom from the wedding the night before. Cohlie is for sure not feeling well. She came in and put her dress up dress on and asked to do some school work. 

Hudson joined in for a bit as well.
I think they both are feeling a bit "off"now. 

It has been a beautiful fall day!
I need to get our school stuff ready for a new book because Monday is right around the corner!

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